The debut album.              


The debut album by the Bombay Thrashers was the immediate next step in a long chain of path-breaking achievements made by the band in the stagnant Indian Rock Scene. Since the past two years in the Indian Circuit, M E T A K I X has generated a tremendous response for their originals. Thru a series of regular shows in Mumbai and outside, the band has exposed each and every song on the album to the audience.

'Headlines' was recorded between the period of March 8th and April 28th, 2002 at ThroatLatch Studio.

The theme of the album encompasses four implications of the word. Firstly the obvious..."News Headlines": The band has constantly been under media attention breaking some record or trend somewhere at some point of time. Reputed newspapers and magazines like The Times of India, Indian Express, Mid-day, AV Max and RSJ have published features on the band.

The second implication: The band as a headlining act. Since the last one year,
M E T A K I X has reached that status in the Indian Music Circuit. Hence when read as
"M E T A K I X, Headlines" that aspect comes to the fore.

The third. Being of Indian origin, the band believes in the popular belief that a man carries his fate written on his head. Genetics is the scientific equivalent proving the same. What a child grows up to be further on in its life is hard-coded in its DNA. Its fate and future is very predictable by studying it's genetic pattern and no matter what, no amount of scientific indulgence can change it. This idea is reflected in the album's name.

And lastly, the mystery behind having such an offbeat album cover, which at first glance has no relevance to the album name. Well, here it is, all decoded: It depicts a situation. The current music scene in India. The lab with all its bottled specimen are the various artistes who are either unheard of or are trying to make it big. The huge eye is the eye of the media and the audience that is constantly on the lookout for something fresh. The conical flask is a mould and a prejudice with which people saw Metakix. The centipede signifies the band's break thru. The centipede was chosen for many reasons. One of them being...it has to take a 100 steps to get from point A to point B which otherwise would be just one step. The 100 steps signify the hardships Metakix has gone through in reaching where they are, step by step. It also throws light on the band's determination to get there. This contains all ingredients to make a perfect headline! The beauty of the album cover of 'Headlines' is that you just keep looking at it and you'll interpret new meanings every now and then. The entire theme just occured to the band like a brain-flash, whilst recoding the album. It was all very impulsive from start to finish.

The music and topics highlighted in each song are very personal to the band. They revolve around true-life experiences and social issues in the country. The music spans across genres of Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Rock, and Indian Classical; a sound very unique to the band. Thus a perfect blend of heavy riff-based tracks and clean easy ballads appear on the album. In the present phase of the Indian Music Industry, where sampled and programmed music governs the market, M E T A K I X presents a breath of freshness. The band is a 100% live-act and the same feel with enhanced sound quality reflects in the album.

All songs are published internationally by Deep Emotions publishing. Due to exposures thru Mp3.com and their BBC Rockumentary, the band has created a presence in the international scene. Record Labels from countries like UK, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, etc have shown interest in distributing material by the band in their respective countries.

Song List:-

1. The First Impression
2. She's the Incubus
3. Ocean Man
4. SoundCheck
5. High
6. Small Town Aggression (Instrumental)
7. 13 Disciples
8. AfterLife
9. A Suspended State of Being
10. Freudian Sonica
11. Standing Tall
12. Those Promising Lies
13. Waiting For Nothing

Duration: 59.07 Mins