There is no record of performances by Metakix before the year 2000.
                                        From 2000 to now, every show (almost) is documented here.
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Deep Throat Promo Gig at Cyclone, 
Pune (January) 

Headlined for Psychomotor

Raag Divine, Empire Institute Rock Show, 
Mumbai (January)

Played with pro-bands Sceptre, Psychomotor, Kinky Ski Munky and PDV

Happeningz Annual Fest of Goa Engineering
College, Ponda (February) 

Headlined for opening band Fetish Komb and Moksha playing centre slot. (Thatís the trioís flight boarding pass)

Andaaz annual fest of Bharatiya Vidyapeeth
Engineering College, New Mumbai (April) 

Headlined the event.

Headlines Pre-Launch Gig at Not Just
Jazz By the Bay, Mumbai (August) 

Headlines Pre-Launch Gig at Razzberry
Rhinoceros, Mumbai (August) 

Headlined, with opening band Split. Xenon playing centre slot.

Nomads Pub, Pune (August)

Headlines Media & Public LAUNCH Gig at
Enigma [JW Marriot Hotel], Mumbai (September) 

Headlined the event.

Jazz Garden, Pune (September) 

IIT Delhi's Blitzkrieg-Rendezvous,
Delhi (September) 

Headlined for Orange Street and 4 finalists; namely Them Clones, Sledge, AFS and Friday the 13th.

The Colloseum, Pune (October) 

Headlined for Cumulus (Our photographer was stoned and forgot to switch on the flash, hence such pics)

Woodstock 2002 at Pyramid Lawns,
Pune (November) 

Headlined with bands like Sceptre, MPD, Strange Brew

MTV Summit at MMRDA Grounds,
Mumbai (December) 

Performed with Retilian Death and Psychomotor

Planet M, Dorabjee's, Pune (December) 

Planet M, Shopper's Stop, Andheri,
Mumbai (December) 

LandMarc Citi, JLT's Fesst-O-Mania,
Mumbai (December) 

Headlined, with opening band Split. Xenon playing centre slot.

Planet M, Hiranadani Gardens,
Mumbai (December) 

Mumbai's Live Wire Mood Indigo (December) 

Headlined with Mumbai bigges, Pentagram. Played to a 10,000+ strong audience.