There is no record of performances by Metakix before the year 2000.
                                        From 2000 to now, every show (almost) is documented here.
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July Massacre 05 
at Marine Centre, Navi Mumbai (July) 

Played with Scribe, Black Hole Theory, Naked Earth, Demonic Resurrection.

Smirnoff JumpStart '05
at Nirvana, Pune (August)

Played with Myndsnare, Black Hole Theory, Salvation Crusade, Avengers .


The TracMail Blast 
at Marine Centre, Navi Mumbai (October) 

Played with DJs Entraance and Square

Metal Mania '05
at SIES College festival, Mumbai (December)

Played with SystemHouse 33, Redemption.


at Chetna Management Institute, Mumbai (December) 

Played with One Night Band, Brute Force, Old Monks, Colossus, Split, DR