Metakix DISBANDS [Added 2nd October, 2008]

Official statement from ZOMB, the frontman of Metakix

Greetings dearest friends!!

The boys and I would like
to share this bit with you...
this is the end of the road for Metakix.

When I started 11 yrs ago, I had certain
aims and aspirations about Metakix.
I think after playing with the band for over a decade
not only did I achieve what I set out to, I was also
lucky enuff to meet some great people, have some
amazing experiences and have the honour
of playing with various cool musicians!!
The journey from seeing 10 ppl
in the audience to 12,000 ppl was
a complete rush! Such is life...

Before making this sound too sentimental,
here's what's been happening and what lies ahead...

Nicky as you already know
has developed a serious spine disorder.
He will need to be careful with his antics
especially on stage.
He is moving on to form a band called Jar of Flies,
where he will handle lead vocals.

Viresh has moved back to his home in Delhi.
He just completed his civil engineering degree course
and has landed a good job! Parallely, he will continue to play
in the band Radius and probably a few other bands!
Am sure you will see him all over the place in the music scene.

Sheldy just got himself his dream
TAMA drumkit from the US and also
finished setting up a killer
jam room in his house in Malad, Mumbai.
He has been jamming with various musicians
playing heavy metal to the blues.
Essentially, he is exploring this new-found
drumming dynamic...also getting back to
his saxophone lessons.

I'm involved in a lot of activities musical and non-musical and am generally very busy.
There's too much to write, so all I will say now
is that I have come full circle in life in every way.
I feel like it's time to move on. I feel like starting
all over again like it was the second 1997 of my life!
I shall endeavor to seek, trap and release some new musical energy.

Metakix was beautiful for all of us... and I hope
it continues to have a special place in your life somewhere
as the years go by.

The music download points, the website, the communities will continue
to exist as they are.

We sure had a blast belting out the music!
Thanks for tuning in!

Farewell now, see you somewhere real soooooon...



Comments and pictures from the "On A RAMPAGE 2007" India Tour 27th Oct '07 - 6th Nov '07 [Edited 14th November, 2007]

Metakix had a great time playing shows in Roorkee, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai.
The band's crazy guitarist VIRESH has documented the madness with pictures up here
METAKIX India Tour Report

If you were there for the shows, you know what it was all about!

Metakix endorses PETA and vice-versa! [Added 13th November, 2007]

Recently Metakix and PETA got together and this resulted in an interview of the band
where the boys voice their thoughts on the depleting wildlife resources around the world and more animal species
being pushed to the brink of extinction.

Metakix interview by Puja Joshi on

On a lighter note, the meetup also resluted in some cool pics with Natasha Paul from PETA.
A strategic alliance indeed!


Metakix ...On A RAMPAGE 2007
All India Tour 27th Oct - 6th Nov [Edited 22nd October, 2007]

Expect all the hits from both Metakix albums HEADLINES and CONNECT & INSPIRE.

Details of entry fees, and timings are available here:
-- 27th Oct @ IIT Roorkee - 6 PM onwards - Entry by passes only. Call Karan (9719009715)
-- 28th Oct @ Hamsadhwani, Delhi - 6 PM onwards - Entry by tickets available at
-- 2nd Nov @ KRMM Hall, Chennai - 6 PM onwards - For Entry details call Eddie (9841186951)
-- 4th Nov @ Legends of Rock, Bangalore - 7 PM onwards - For Entry details call Utsav (9819608005)
-- 6th Nov @ Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai - 7 PM to 8.30 PM - Entry FREE!!! Call Clayton (9867010988)

Further details:

Discuss on the Metakix orkut community:

IMPORTANT: Ivan Hurd (Ex-Anvil) was scheduled to play with Metakix on this tour
but due to some unavoidable circumstances will not be able to make it to India this time.
Official statement from Ivan's manager:

Metakix on VH1's HEADBANGERS BALL!! [Edited 20th September, 2007]

The music video of You're Bloody Right from the new album
has hit TV screens in Asia!

You read it right!!! After 8 months of release and 13,000 something downloads,
the music video of You're Bloody Right finally hit the air waves in Asia.
VH1's Headbangers Ball continues to air the video regularly. So far
the video has appeared along with th likes of Megadeth, Alice In Chains, Slayer, Kreator and more

As a special treat, here's something you won't see on satellite TV -
The censor certificate issued for the music video by the Censor Board of Govt. of India

I am you're magic
You're moment of truth
The conscience that pricks
Distraction that soothes....


Metakix "LIVE" in Mumbai on 16th and 19th August. [Edited 11th August, 2007]

"FREEDOM ROCK" a metal gig organised by XTC, the pub,
to celebrate 60 years of India's independence

bands playing:

and being METAKIX as headliners!!!

Entry: Rs 200 which includes a free BEER
Venue: XTC pub, Hiranandani Meadows, Thane (w), Mumbai.
Timing and Date: 7 pm sharp on the 16th of August

"UP CLOSE & LETHAL" a metal gig organized by Musician's Mall to promote
Metakix's new CD 'CONNECT & INSPIRE"

bands playing:

METAKIX (2 hours set)
Songs include all the hits from both albums, HEADLINES and CONNECT & INSPIRE.
Added with some covers of METALLICA, SEPULTURA, BLACK SABBATH, to name a few.

Entry: FREE!
Timing and Date: 5 PM and will end at 8 PM. 19th August
Venue Details:
Musician's Mall,
Laud Mansion, 21,
Maharishi Karve Road.
Opp Charni Road Station (E)
Mumbai - 04
Ph: 23852385/23852384

Check out Metakix feature in THE RECORD mag, August 2007 edition


Metakix speaks to The Times of India about the past, present and future. [Added 30th July, 2007]

The Times of India released an exclusive interview on the band, where the band spoke about past events,
current international coverage and plans for the future. This article later appeared on
other international metal news sites, like and others!

Here's the print version as it appeared in the newspaper:


SEPULTURA & KREATOR support Metakixbr> The legendary thrash metal bands showed their support for the new Metakix album, CONNECT & INSPIRE [Added 11th July, 2007]



Andreas Kisser (Guitarist) and Derrick Green (Frontman) of SEPULTURA (BRAZIL) showing their support...

Mille Petrozza (Vocalist/Lead Guitarist/Frontman) of KREATOR (GERMANY) showing his support...


Metakix to get back to the live circuit in August'07[Added 30th June, 2007]

Since April this year, the boys have been busy with some personal commitments and took a short break from playing live. The good news is they are now back in the rehearsal space, working on a new setlist. Fans can expect all the metal hits from both "HEADLINES" and "CONNECT & INSPIRE". Infact, there's a poll on the band's Orkut community which let's the fans decide what songs they want to see live from the band's two albums. What's more, for personal inspiration the band is also covering a few bands like Sepultura, Metallica, and other greats. However, the treatment will be heavier! In addition, to playing live the band will also be setting time aside to work on new material for a follow up to the critically acclaimed 2nd album. Message from Sheldy to the fans - "STAND BY FOR MORE METCHUL!!!"
Fan poll on Orkut community


Viresh makes a guest appearance in Delhi.
Metakix lead guitarist, Viresh, jammed live with friends RADIUS.[Added 25th June, 2007]

Viresh makes a guest appearance playing live with long-time friends (Radius) in Delhi. The event was the launch of a compilation called "Sahi Bol", featuring bands from Delhi which included the jazz-rock band, RADIUS! In addition, the guys also jammed with Akshay Radia. Here's an article covering the event:
RADIUS article in Hindustan Times


Some more coverage in the WEST.
Metakix on UK, French TV and New York metal radio!! [Added 27th May, 2007]

The band's video was showcased in a program on UK TV. Additionally French TV 'ARTE' has approached the band for featuring them in a metal documentary.

New York's premier metal radio Audio Aggression is also been playing Metakix songs frequently
along side greats like Sadus and Mercyful Fate.
Check out Audio Aggression's playlist here.


Metakix on radio station in SPAIN!
Onda Salvaje 92.4FM, raves about the music!! [Added 2nd April, 2007]

Metakix songs from the new album are catching on quick with the media in Europe and USA.

Onda Salvaje 92.4 FM, a premier readio station is Spain is playing
"ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG" from the new album. The station specializes in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music.
Susana Perales, the radio jockey/owner
of the station had some rave reviews for the band and finds the music
stunningly unique! If you wanna check out and download the show, you can do it here
Metakix on Onda Salvaje 92.4 FM


"Connect & Inspire" distributors list and availability worldwide. [Edited 24th March, 2007]

The headbanger next-door has got the CD. Do you have yours?
Listed below is how and where you could get your copy of this addicitive album!

Get your CDs of "CONNECT & INSPIRE" with the killer inlay,
complete lyrics, pictures, music video and more! Rs. 200/- only

In Asia, Europe & USA:
To buy the CD in Japan, Brazil, Romania, Poland, USA, UK, Luxembourg, Germany:
please write a mail to for distributor details

In India:
* SB Music, Malad, Mumbai - Ashish (Call: 9820884523)
* Music Concept, Pune - Shridhar (Call: 9821588924)
* Unwind Center, Bangalore - Ram (Call: 9901767575)
* In Hyderabad city - Anjani (Call: 9849144400)
* Bhargavas Music, Bandra, Mumbai
* Furtados Music, Metro Cinema, Mumbai (Call: 22013105)
* Musician's Mall, Charni Road, Mumbai (Call: 23852385)
* In Andheri/Juhu, Mumbai - Utsav Agarwal (Call: 9819608005)
* In Pune city - Naveen (Call: 9850669770)
* In Thane, Mumbai - Vishal (Call: 9819027660)
* In New Bombay - Amey (Call: 9322340801)
* In Delhi city - Mehran (Call: 9811737409)

Free streaming of songs:

Free download of the band's first music video "YOU'RE BLOODY RIGHT":


"Connect & Inspire", the much awaited 2nd album is launched at Hard Rock Cafe! [Added 17th December, 2006]

Hard Rock Café presented the premiere of the new Metakix album – "Connect & Inspire" on Saturday, 16th Dec, 4p.m. to 7p.m

The album was in production for over a year and a half. During this time, the band released 2 singles (Hand In Hand
and You're Bloody Right) on CD, from the album as a precursor to the release of the album itself...
to a rave international response.

This is the debut of the band's new label Metakix Music and this release
is accompanied by a music video as well. The album is available in India at select stores as also in
Germany, Brazil, UK, USA, Poland, Romania, Luxembourg and the UAE.
(more countries to be added)

Some related links-----



[The cost for the enhanced CD (with the music video) is Rs.200/-
Discount price of Rs.180/- with additional delivery charges on]




Metakix songs played at the University of Denver [Added 2nd September, 2006]

Metakix songs including the hit single Hand In Hand were played to an audience of students at
the University of Denver.

Students studying music were treated to Metakix songs as part of a training on popular music across the globe.
Metakix is one of the artists featured in a book called Soundscapes which happens to be part of the syllabus
for students persuing a degree in music at universities across USA.

The band is thrilled to have such exposure and receive such appreciation for their music.
Hand In Hand is part of the band's upcoming album "Connect & Inspire"
slated for release in December this year.


Available now, Absolute Indian Metal-1, a compilation CD featuring 17 bands from all over the country. [Added 23rd August, 2006]

Metakix' 2nd single You're Bloody Right is featured on this CD.

After 6 months from it's announcement, Absolute Indian Metal-1 (AIM) the first in the series was recently
launched in Mumbai. The compilation is a one-of-its kind containing great music by 17 crushing bands from
all over India. Some popular names to look for on AIM-1 are Sceptre, Threinody, Sledge, Redemption, Grungy Morphins
and Devoid to name a few! The CD also heralds the record label called eMP Records, owned by Musicman Mihir, Chief Editor
of the online magazine The songs were hand picked by Zomb from many submissions and compiled
over the last 6 months. In fact, the CD is produced by Musicman Mihir and Metakix!
Read Zomb's exclusive review here Zomb's AIM Review.

Metakix is also excited as the 2nd single from the upcoming album Connect & Inspire is on the CD.
The feedback for the music and the production has been encouraging!

To know more about AIM-1, to preview the tracks and finally buy the CD please visit: AIM on


Album Recording Update: Group Chorus added to Hand In Hand [Added 10th July, 2006]

10 unique vocalists offer their voices to the song, setting an example of unity in the Indian Rock Scene.

Quote from Zomb, "We released Hand In Hand, the single last year in November. The song has really gotten
popular and the crowd has been singing the chorus along with us at our shows. We wanted to capture that vibe in
the song plus give the listeners something new to look for in the album version of the song. After some brainstorming,
Fali (The Producer) and I came up with the idea of inviting some of Mumbai's unique vocalists to the studio and having
them offer their singing to the song."

Some of the prominent vocalists are - 2Blue (Vayu), Gary (EarthClan), Chaku (Silent Lucidity),
Valentina (ex-Freedom), and Musicman Mihir (The King Keys).

You can read a detailed account of the session here...
Metakix recording chronicles

If you haven't heard the Hand In Hand (Single Version) yet, go to
Metakix on

Now showing: Stills and making of the first ever Music Video of the band! [Added 6th May, 2006]

The music video of You're Bloody Right will be released along with upcoming 2nd studio album.

The video is the brainchild of a young filmmaker by the name Anshul Joshi (AJ)
who has already got a fair share of recognition for his work. AJ, also scripted and edited the video.
The video was shot in the band's home town in a very tight budget. In fact, on a zero budget.
The band pooled in resources via friends and made this happen.

In all approximately 65 shots were captured over a period of one and a half days.
The video will feature the edited version of the song as most music channels
as a standard accept videos that are 3.50 mins long.

There is still some more time to go until the launch of the
2nd album as also the music video.
Until then, you can check these pics here to know what's coming your way...

Making of the video:

Music video stills:

Grab these while you can!! (No, this ain't a nasty April Fool's joke!)[Added 4th April, 2006]

4 New songs added to our free download list. The hit single Hand in Hand,
and The First Impression, Waiting for Nothing, 13 Disciples...

Hand in Hand (the limited edition) has sold out! The band does not have any
immediate plans of re-printing the single. So apart from the add-ons on the CD,
you could still have that song playing on your PC!
(If you don't have it already, that is!)

As a special treat to the faithful and the curious, almost all th songs from
the band's debut HEADLINES is up for download. This may not be around for long.
So visit the Song Download page and get down to it right away!

After a fabulous Feb could it be a manic March?? [Edited 4th March, 2006]

Back from their tour of South India, the foursome
now have a date on 3rd March '06. They are the guest band at R.A.I.T. College's annual fest UNCHAINED '06.

This year the annual fest is a competition with some promising acts on the bill.

Bands Competing:
Aftertaste Aftertaste came 2nd place!!!
Redemption Redemption came third place!!!
Cosmic Infusion
Amidst The Chaos
Grungy Morphins
Eggless Lovecake
Metal Messiah
One Night Band
Exhumation Exhumation came third place!!!
Silent Lucidity
Infernal Wrath
Infernal Wrath won the competition!!!
Metakix will perform an hour long set starting at 7 pm.
Be there to watch the competition and to watch KIX jam!!

View the pics from the KIX set HERE
There were three other dates in March which had to be cancelled due to previous commitments.

Alive and Kicking in Feb '06 [Edited 28th February, 2006]

Metakix is playing 6 dates spread out in 3 cities across India.
The band also has plans to screen the first cut of their music video at these shows.

The only downside being, the work on the album has kinda gotten very slow.
The band would like to take their own sweet time and not rush things.

View the pics from all 6 shows HERE
Metakix to be featured in a Harvard University music book [Added 21st January, 2006]

The awesome foursome are being featured in the 2nd edition of SoundScapes a book by
Prof. Kay Shelemay, Music Department (Harvard).

The book covers music from various genres from across the world and will be
published by W.W. Norton & Company. The estimated print
run will be 7,500 copies. Soundscapes is meant for sale primarily to the university-goers
in the US of A. In addition to this, recently the single "Hand in Hand" was played
at a lecture on Nationalism and Indian music. The class was conducted by Prof. Jeremy
at the Bowling Green State University in Ohio.
In response to this Sheldy reacted, "This somehow seems unreal. But the fact is it
is all happening right before our eyes.

We'll put up a copy of the page in which Metakix is covered for
all of you to view, soooon!
Also read the following article
on the band in the last week of December, 2005
DNA Front Page
DNA Back Page

Hand in Hand, the first single released! [Added> 17th November, 2005]

The first single from the upcoming album is released on a limited edition enhanced CD worth Rs. 20/-
This is the first time ever any Indian artiste is launching a single on a limited edition CD.
This concept is common in the west but has never been tried out by artistes or labels here in India.
The single, Hand in Hand revolves around a patriotic theme and is an ode to the motherland.
It touches upon the spirit of freedom and the will people possess to stand up against negative forces
to emerge victorious. The single is a sneak preview to what listeners and fans can
expect from the 2nd album of the band. It epitomizes the current musical direction Metakix is taking.
Its sing-along chorus makes this song a hot favorite at the band’s live performances!

The single is available for sale on an enhanced CD. This CD also contains live footage of the band
at the now famous gig, July Massacre ’05 that was held at Marine Centre, New Bombay. What’s more,
the band has also thrown in the demo version of another song called “You’re Bloody Right”.
This CD is playable on both a regular CD player and a computer CD-ROM drive. All this for ONLY Rs. 20!!

Details of affiliations

The CD will be initially available at The Indian Rock Music shop at Furtados Music, Mumbai.
In Mumbai, apart from Furtados Music, the Rust Bots team will actively retail and promote this single.

The single will be launched at Furtados Music, Mumbai on the 18th of November and will premiere
on the 19th of November on AIR in RJ Mihir’s show. He will be actively promoting the band thru
this single in each of his shows until the launch of the album.
The band plans to send this single to labels abroad that have shown interest in its music and are
considering distributing the upcoming album in their respective countries.

Read the articles!!!
In Mid-day

To buy the single contact the following personnel in your city:
M E T A K I X Distro Chain

* Furtados Music,
Ph: 022-22013105, 9820757375

* Varun, Niranjan, Amey (RustBots),
Ph: 9820956455, 9819314484, 9322340801

* Metakix,
Ph: 9821026848


* Naveen (BlackHole Theory),
Ph: 9850669770


* Sam (WhiteNoiz),
Ph: 9845588906

* Siddtharth (Threinody),


* John or Sukanti (Cassini's Division),
Ph: 9830583435, 9831034773


* Anjani (Sledge),
Ph: 9849144400


* Shashwat (Independent Rock Promoter),
Ph: 9811324383


* Eddie (Unwind Centre),
Ph: 9841186951, 044-55379572


* Shubham, Rohit (Independent Rock Promoters),
Ph: 9881209953, 9881246247


* Dave (Independent Rock Promoter),
Ph: 9846145889


* Mr. Keith Wallang, (Director, Springboard Surprises)
Ph: 9436119961


* Jim (Independent Rock Promoters),
Ph: 9818756057


* Bhanuj (Independent Rock Promoter),
Ph: 9872210547


* Aditya (Organizer, CEPT's Roots),
Ph: 9427332869

Please Note: We are looking for more reps in the above-mentioned cities
as also in newer cities in India and abroad. If you are interested in being one,
mail us at

DOUBLE WHAMMY !!!Added> 13th December, 2005]

Check out these posters for details on two heavy duty gigs to be performed by KIX in Mumbai, in December!!
METAL MANIA on 18th December at SIES (Sion)

UNDERGROUND on 20th December at Chetna Management Institute (Bandra)

Get your ass to these gigs!!
The Album Recording Sessions.[Added> 16th September, 2005]
As the foursome progress thru the various stages of recording their 2nd album, so can you...
The band feels that it's a great idea to involve the fans in the recording and making of the album.
For this purpose, Zomb posts regular updates on happenings in the studio at a popular rock music forum.
He comments, "Our fans have been providing us vaulable feedback and suggestions on the direction we are taking
with the new music. It sure would be exciting for them to know how we are applying those to the music.
It'll be like a build-up until the album is finally ready for launch."

You can read about the studio sessions here Metakix Recording Chronicles
Live at JRO on 23rd July! [Added> 27th July, 2005]
Metakix will be shaking the foundation of Unwind Center (Chennai, India),
a youthcentric non-profit organization. The event is an annual festival called JUNE ROCK OUT
organized by the latter to celebrate the ever-growing appreciation for Indian Rock Music.

Spread across the whole of July, JRO will host a number of
bands from India. The 23rd of July, 2005 has Metakix, local band Powder in the Ashtray and
Delhi based Joint Family on the bill. The event starts at 7 pm.
Metakix will be playing a majority of songs that will be on the 2nd album. As Sheldon puts it,
"The music is high on energy, melody, and adrenalin!! Can't wait to get to Chennai and deliver
the goods!" Metakix will play a set spanning 50 minutes!

For details on JRO visit

Pics from July Massacre 2005 [Added> 19th July, 2005]
Metakix shared the stage with stalwarts like DR, BHT, Scribe and Naked Earth at Marine Centre,
Vashi. Metakix played the 4th slot and a good one hour set.

Here are a few pics from the gig...

The gig was captured on video, which may be released the underground way!!

In the studio, recording a demo [Added> 8th July, 2005]
The boys hit Throatlatch Studios in New Bombay to record a 10 song demo.
This was a pre-production excercise for the 2nd album. All songs will be recorded
again at Over The Top studios with Mr. Fali Damania.

The demo took 2 days of live recording and has turned out well. Mr. Viru has engineered the demo.
It will be circulated in a select group for feedback. Nicky comments," This is my first studio
experience and I am quite pleased with what we have created. I am much more confident about
our 2nd album now. It's simply gonna be killer!"

Metakix is scheduled to start recording the 2nd album in August 2nd week this year