ON A RAMPAGE: India Tour
          Glimpses from the 5-city India tour 27th Oct to 6th Nov 2007!
          Pictures are in random show order.

4Wargasm '07 IIT Roorkee | 4Opening act for SEPULTURA | 4SoundCheck @ RawPower
4RawPower - the Show | 4Sharktooth LiveStorm @ LOR | 4Tour Finale @ HRC

Metakix played an hour long set as the headlining act. The crowd response and media attention was phenomenal!

Exodus Events presents RAW POWERRRRRRR!!

Nicky and Zomb on FULL POWER! Metakix blasts off with the song HIGH.

Viresh shreds away on the 'tallica covers.

Sheldy is most brutal on HIGH and SMALL TOWN AGGRESSION.

The crowd loves the onstage destruction!

Zomb, is all over the place playing the lead solo in HIGH.

Viresh and Zomb do the twin solo in TRUE ALTER which the crowd lapped up, quickly!

Nicky's devastation stance!

Sheldy's makes the venue quake! Look at his Ghost eyes!

Some harmonized singing.

Viresh belts out the solo of YOU'RE BLOODY RIGHT while Nicky and Sheldy keep the rhythm together.

Sheldy gives the crowd more than the damage they expect!

Nicky as a percussionist. The legs of the tom-tom gave way, but Nicky beat the shit of it anyway!

The boys had a great time!

Zomb explores his vocal range singing/growling in BACK IN THE ZONE, while Viresh crushes with his rhythm playing!