ON A RAMPAGE: India Tour
          Glimpses from the 5-city India tour 27th Oct to 6th Nov 2007!
          Pictures are in random show order.

4Wargasm '07 IIT Roorkee | 4Opening act for SEPULTURA | 4SoundCheck @ RawPower
4RawPower - the Show | 4Sharktooth LiveStorm @ LOR | 4Tour Finale @ HRC

The Bangalore leg of the Sharktooth LiveStorm series was kickstarted on 4th Nov at Legends Of Rock by two kickass local metal bands Extinct Reflections and Myndsnare, with Metakix headlining the event. This event like the others had a major media presence along with the audience packed into the small but slick venue. What's more, SEPULTURA's tour manager attended the show too!

Conditions Apply presents SHARKTOOTH LIVESTORMS!!!

Viresh and Zomb during the soundcheck. The played ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG.

Few words exchanged between Nicky and Sheldy, while Zomb considers hitting the overhead cymbals!

The riffage begins...

Nicky offering his backing voice on HIGH.

Viresh is ecstatic to cause the carnage in DUFF STEREO GROOVE.

Zomb in his zone!

SMALL TOWN AGGRESSION, TRUE ALTER, BACK IN THE ZONE, you name it, Sheldy is brutal on each one of them!

Some water to hydrate the human system.

Zomby 'headbang til death' Stance!

Nicky and Sheldy, just before Viresh's lead solo break!

Zomb plays some solos on some songs as well.

Viresh bangs that head of his.

The band covers Sepultura's PROPAGANDA and dedicates it to Sepultura's tour manager who was visibly excited!

Nicky and Sheldy's drum and bass jam in SMALL TOWN AGGRESSION.

The show ends with a bang, the boys close their set with BACK IN THE ZONE and a monstrous finale.