ON A RAMPAGE: India Tour
          Glimpses from the 5-city India tour 27th Oct to 6th Nov 2007!
          Pictures are in random show order.

4Wargasm '07 IIT Roorkee | 4Opening act for SEPULTURA | 4SoundCheck @ RawPower
4RawPower - the Show | 4Sharktooth LiveStorm @ LOR | 4Tour Finale @ HRC

"On a RAMPAGE" India tour ended with Metakix playing the grand finale at Mumbai's Hard Rock Cafe on the 6th of Nov. This show was originally not part of the tour and instead the band had two more dates in two other cities. Fans in Mumbai requested to add a date in Mumbai. Additionally HRC bent its rules and allowed full blown thrash metal to be played in their premises for the very first time in Mumbai. This gig ended up being a blast for everybody involved including the crazy, diehard fans from Mumbai.

After a kickass soundcheck, Metakix explodes at HRC.

Many fans turned up for this show. Also many were stuck in traffic trying to get there.

Zomb's deep vocals along with periodic backing vocals by Nicky and Viresh.

Unfortunately, the band's camera-man goofed up and there are no clear shots of Sheldy. These pics were send in my fans.

Nicky and Zomb devastate on DUFF STEREO GROOVE.

Full blown assault, very unlike the regular stuff that happen in HRC. As always Metakix is the first and the huge crowd roared in agreement!

Zomb and Viresh played twin solos on various songs like TRUE ALTER, SMALL TOWN AGGRESSION, BACK IN THE ZONE

It was a great great gig!