ON A RAMPAGE: India Tour
          Glimpses from the 5-city India tour 27th Oct to 6th Nov 2007!
          Pictures are in random show order.

4Wargasm '07 IIT Roorkee | 4Opening act for SEPULTURA | 4SoundCheck @ RawPower
4RawPower - the Show | 4Sharktooth LiveStorm @ LOR | 4Tour Finale @ HRC

On 28th Oct, Brazilian giants SEPULTURA kickstarted their tour of India at Hamsadhwani Theater in Delhi. Metakix was the opening act for the night. After the mammoth show at IIT Roorkee the previous night where Metakix destroyed everything, on this day they faced major sound problems owing to no amplifiers or soundcheck. It was unprofessional on the part of the organizers. The boys still had a blast because they got to open for SEPULTURA.

Without any amplifiers and soundcheck, Metakix starts their set.


There were many fans who were eager to watch the band. But this was not the best night for the band. The amplifiers seen here were ONLY meant for Sepultura.

The boys put up a good show despite the odds stacked against them. The show had to go on!

Zomb sings/growls on BACK IN THE ZONE.

Nicky pounds his bass to death!

Viresh plays some killer solos on DUFF STEREO GROOVE, TRUE ALTER and twin solos with Zomb in a few tracks.

TRUE ALTER riff fest!

The band belts out the song for which they made the first ever music video which is now airing on VH1 Headbangers Ball - YOU'RE BLOODY RIGHT

Metakix played 5 of their songs from both albums which were - HIGH, SMALL TOWN AGGRESSION, BACK IN THE ZONE, DUFF STEREO GROOVE and YOU'RE BLOODY RIGHT.

An article where Zomb was mistaken to be SEPULTURA's vocalist.