ON A RAMPAGE: India Tour
          Glimpses from the 5-city India tour 27th Oct to 6th Nov 2007!
          Pictures are in random show order.

4Wargasm '07 IIT Roorkee | 4Opening act for SEPULTURA | 4SoundCheck @ RawPower
4RawPower - the Show | 4Sharktooth LiveStorm @ LOR | 4Tour Finale @ HRC

Setup & Soundcheck on 2nd Nov at RAWPOWER, Chennai - Headlining act with Blood Covenant, Blind Image, Blood & Iron and Black Dahlia.

KRMM Hall, Zomb's view of the venue.

The Sound Engineer's view of the venue.

Viresh tweaking his sound. He used his new ESP Delux LTD guitar.

Sheldy with Blood Covenant's drummer, Hurricane, in a 'drums discussion'.

Nicky tunes up, while Zomb checks his wah patch.

Viresh checks his wah patch while the band looks on. Smoke machine is also tested.

The backstage view.

All 4 of Metakix adjust their gear before the mayhem.

Sheldy's drum setup. Look carefully, he's got skullheads for company!

Eddie (Blood Covenant's vocalist) with Chennai's other band Blood & Iron. They all put up a great performance too!

Viresh checks all his other patches before blast off!

Viresh works on his sound thru his amp, while Sheldy plays a drum roll.

Sheldy had to make sure everything was just the way he wanted it.

Always cracking jokes and having a good time...

Nicky checks his sound via his bass processor.

Some final words with Mike, the sound engineer.